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Because we strongly and passionately disagree with the dynastic, corrupt, thieving and criminal argument where meritocracy is jettisoned for the simplest statement of ZONING POWER shift even when the power shift is to people who have been indicted based on clear evidence in the court of public opinion or power shift to people who have been in Government for 14 years and contributed massively to making our Dearly Beloved State a corruption and crime super highway of kidnappings and murders, great and massive looting of state Resources, Killer Bad Health Care Systems no attempt to build a modern health clinic in every Local Government not to talk of building a health care clinic in every ward, Death Trap Bad Roads that claim the lives of our precious brothers and sisters daily, Diseased and Infested Markets and not one single modern shopping mall, Killer/Retrogressive Uncontrolled Mass Transportation Systems,14 years of no attempt to build one civic centre with a swimming pool, Fitness and sporting facility/conference and entertainment hall in every local Government HQ not to talk of building one in every ward ETC. 14 years of Hatred OF DELTANS by her leaders IS ENOUGH. We SAY E DON DO una try make una go sit down.

the manifesto
My mission is to make Delta State a habitable and secure place, where people are free to pursue and fulfil their dreams.
I intend to lay a solid foundation for the development of our state.

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about Tony Prest

Tony Prest was born in Warri to the late Chief Arthur Prest and Mrs Mabel Prest in 1960. Chief Arthur Prest who was the Olorogun of Warri,was one of the founders of Action Group Party where he served as deputy leader to Chief Obafemi Awolowo for 10 years, he later became Nigeria`s first Minister of Communications in Nigeria and later, the country`s Ambassador to the court of St. James in the United Kingdom.

Tony Prest attended Uvwie Nursery School Effurun, and then proceeded to Mayflower Secondary School, Ikene, a school established and managed by the famous Dr Tai Solarin, it was while at Mayflower College that Tony was introduced to the welfarist and humanist philosophy of service to society. • From Mayflower College, he proceeded Lansdowne Tutors in Kensington, London, England, Before returning to Nigeria after many eventful, character-building years in England. Tony had become influenced by the seminal works of some of the most accomplished writers and thinkers of the time. His world outlook was influenced by the likes of Che Guevara, Walter Rodney, Franz Fanon, Martin Lurther King,Jr, Wole Soyinka and John F. Kennedy

With the fervour for service for country burning within him. Tony decided to return to Nigeria to contribute to the development of his beloved Country.

He attended University of Benin and after spending 2 Years Studying History and 3 years Studying Law, the irrepressible entrepreneurial spirit in him drove him to move on, first setting up Anthony’s Fishmongers and selling fish to students, lecturers and the general public while still an undergraduate; and later, to leverage on the ICT revolution to develop and provide ICT access for Nigeria through the establishment of Prestel, The first private telephone operator in Nigeria`s entire Niger –Delta region.

He established Prest Cable and Satellite TV Systems, the first cable satellite redistribution service in the whole of the Niger-Delta. He started with TDMA technology, went on to CDMA, then WBCDMA, He introduced wireless internet to Benin in 1997 and it was the only internet service provider  in Nigeria outside Lagos. 60 % Prestel was sold to Oceanic bank in 2008 and Prestel is now rolling out a national unified license EVDO network all over Nigeria.

He also initiated the local manufacture and sold over 1000 satellite dishes from KU-band to C-band. Flush with innovative ideas, he contributed immensely to the tourism and entertainment industry by opening the first Beef Burger Shop in Benin City; Prest Casino in Benin City, the first one in Benin City, then he also opened the first casino in Surulere, Lagos .The casinos where complete with black jack tables, roulette tables, slot machines  etc.

He opened Prest Motel , complete with 42 rooms accommodation and the first karaoke bar in Nigeria outside Lagos; He set up Anthony’s jazz club as an under graduate at the University of Benin with Enot Ogbebor and some friends. Later he set up Speakeasy The Jazz Cabin in GRA Benin City with Ken Enahoro and Eugene Enahoro. These were all very successful clubs.; as well as Olorogun Arms Hotel and Odosun Industries inherited from his dad which were in the hospitality and boat building sectors. He introduced the first ever permanent comedy nights in Nigeria, live bands four times a week and because of Tony’s love for the theater he hosted plays every Sunday for five years. University of Benin Theatre Art Department moved their plays to Prest Motel multi-purpose auditorium permanently for five years Tony Prest established the first 150-seater Prest Lunch and Dinner Luxury Cruise Fine Dining Restaurant Boat complete with live music on the Lekki Canal in Lagos Island– the first and only functioning Restaurant boat in Nigeria and he is also majority owner of Primi Piatti Italian Fusion Waterfront Fine Dining Restaurant. He is the owner Prest Marine limited •Owner and Managing Director Crest Marine Services Limited, A Marine Security Company with many Fully Ballistic Armoured Gun Boats Used For Marine Security in the Oil And Gas Industry and Government Agencies like NIMASA where they just finished a One year Contract.

A visionary, analytical, logical and seasoned entrepreneur having broad experience with over 40 years leadership and senior management experience, building, leading, driving and motivating passionate and creative teams to achieve Corporate goals and objectives. And always finding ways of improving, creating employment and adding value to economical status of state and country

Chief Anthony Tosan Prest has a track record for launching pioneer businesses across Nigeria and he is easily one of Nigeria's leading ICT experts and foremost technocrats.

Some of his other enterprises include Meals on Wheels, Tosan Prest Oil and Gas, Prest Worldwide Trading Company that manufactures 250cc Prest Leisure Power Bikes, Prest Laminate Floorboards and Prest Trailers. In 1998 Anthony Tosan Prest, along with some like minded patriots set up the Minority Rights Party which was one of the 25 parties that sought registration with the INEC.

The Party later merged with the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). Tony Prest remains a committed member of the PDP. He is today, a Member of the Board of Directors of the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN).

Tony Prest is Happily married to Itohan Edo-Osagie-Prest a Geologist with a Masters In Petroleum Geology and he has 6 children

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